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Bleaching Cream / Boosting Lotion / Maintenance Lotion / Shower Gel

People who take pride in their appearance have long sought to lighten the often dark-colored skin around their anus and vagina, as well as other areas of the body. Now, with Personal Bleaching and Maintenance products from AhSwipes you can lighten this skin at the fastest rate possible with our superiorly developed products.

Our Bleaching Cream offers a higher concentration of bleaching agents than any other product on the market. That means that you'll see faster and better results than with the skin bleaches made by other companies. Our reputation speaks for itself!

After your skin has been lightened to your desired level with our Bleaching Cream and Boosting Lotion, our Maintenance Lotion and Shower Gel will ensure that the skin will remain lightened if you continue to use the products on a regular basis, as directed.

You have the option of purchasing our array of products together, in our Kit, or you can choose to purchase them separately.

Our products are engineered to enhance your skin's health with the highest quality ingredients available, which makes them safe even for sensitive skin. We offer a line of products specifically designed to bleach your skin quickly, yet gently.

We use pure, pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, and we stand behind our products with a money-back guarantee. Our specially formulated Skincare Program works as a complete system for maximum improvement to your skin's health and appearance.



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