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Bleaching Cream / Boosting Lotion / Maintenance Lotion / Shower Gel


The AhSwipes Personal Skin Bleaching KIT:

Our Personal Skin Bleaching Kit includes:

1) The Bleaching Cream (2 oz)
2) The Boosting Lotion (1 oz)
3) The Maintenance Lotion (2 oz)
4) The Shower Gel (2 oz)

If you were to order all of these products individually, you would pay $83.00. But by ordering them together, in our Kit, you will pay only $69.00!

The Bleaching Cream is our main product, but it is used in conjunction with our Boosting Lotion in order to achieve optimum results.

After you've used the Bleaching Cream and boosting lotion to lighten your skin to your desired level (some people have accomplished this in as little as one week!), you'll graduate to the next level of the Kit and use the other two products in the Kit: the Maintenance Cream and the Shower Gel.

In order to prevent new melanin production in your skin, which will cause the skin to darken again, the Maintenance Lotion should be applied once or twice a week in order to maintain your results. With approximately 60 applications in the bottle of Maintenance Lotion, it should last you between six months to a year before you'll need to reorder it. The Shower Gel may be used on your skin every time that you shower, but only a small amount should be used, so the Shower Gel will last you a very long time as well. Our Kit also includes complete instructions on how to use our products successfully.



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