Why is my anal and/or vaginal skin darker than the rest of my skin?
There are a few different reasons why the skin on any part of your body can have localized concentrations of higher melanin production. These reasons include sun exposure, varying levels of estrogen, and skin trauma. In the case of dark skin in the private area, trauma is the culprit. The soft, sensitive skin in the anal/vaginal region is subject to chronic friction, which is caused by walking and running. A lifetime of friction in this area is the reason why so many people are plagued by dark anal skin. In response to the trauma caused by this friction, your body's pigment-producing skin cells, known as melanocytes, produce melanin in that area in order to heal and protect the skin. It's a natural cellular response to any kind of skin trauma, but the result is often unsightly.

Can I use your products on other areas of my body (i.e. my nipples, my freckles, etc.)?
Yes, you can. When using the Bleaching Cream on the face, some people have experienced mild redness. In those cases, it may be necessary to reduce the frequency of use and find an application schedule that works best for your skin. However, you may not experience any facial redness at all.

Do your products really work?
Yes, they do. You will start to see results almost immediately, and for some people, their skin has been lightened to their desired level after only one week of daily use. Of course everyone will experience different results, but we have tested and perfected our formula so that it offers very high concentrations of a multitude of different skin bleaching agents, and we guarantee that our product is the most effective on the market. Our system will bleach your skin faster and more effectively than any other product you can buy.

How does your product work?
Our Personal Bleaching System targets your skin's melanin in three different ways. Some of the ingredients in our system target the melanin that has already been produced by your skin cells, while other ingredients target the enzyme tyrosinase, which catalyzes the chemical production of melanin. By preventing tyrosinase activity, we prevent new melanin from being produced. Finally, some of our ingredients expedite cellular exfoliation, thus eliminating the pigment that has already formed in your skin's epidermis. This innovative, three-fold approach targets all of the different stages of melanin production in your skin, and it is what makes our product so unique, and so effective. I have sensitive skin.

Should I be concerned that your product may cause irritation?
Although our products do contain the highest concentration of bleaching agents allowed by law, those with sensitive skin need not be concerned. Our products are highly emollient and very soothing to the skin. Some users with especially sensitive skin may experience a mild tingling sensation upon application. However, this feeling will subside within a few minutes and is only an indication that the product is working well. One important issue that we stress is that you should not engage in any excessive walking or running after applying our products, because physical activity can cause too much friction at the site, and may cause irritation. Therefore, we recommend that you only use the products before bedtime.

I am a person of African-American descent. Will your product work for me?
African-Americans can use our products. However, if you are a very dark skinned African-American, then you should only use our products on areas of your body that are not normally exposed to sunlight; otherwise unwanted darkening effects can occur in very rare cases. Asians, Caucasians, and Hispanics with any skin tone, AND African-Americans who do not have exceptionally dark complexions, can use our products on any area of the face or body, regardless of whether the skin is exposed to sunlight. Our products will work for everyone.

What if the product doesn't work for me?
We have yet to discover a person who has not seen significant results after using our product. If you use our products as recommended, you will see results. However, just to reassure you that you will not be spending your money in vain, if you don't notice any change after using our products for one month, feel free to return the unused portion and we will send you a full refund, less shipping and handling. But we know that you'll see results!

Do you offer discreet shipping?
Absolutely! All packages shipped to our customers are very discreet, and the words "Ahswipes" are not visible anywhere on the box or shipping label. No one will know what you've ordered, or where you've ordered it from! Do you ship worldwide? Yes! Ahswipes ships to every country, all over the world.



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